Thursday, December 8, 2011

Come One, Come All


Something for everyone......meat-lover, veggie-lover, chocolate-lover........Thanks Chef Teebs for the write-up, we're glad you loved, and would love to see you back soon.

"Before arriving to Europe I researched about vegetarian/vegan food and found that most people said Venice has the worst food. Honestly we were very blessed we found two restaurants I would definitely be a regular at if I were a local. One was called GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant. It's located at the main entrance of the Jewish Ghetto. I had fresh grilled veggies and Jackie had veggies with couscous. The hummus was delicious!"

Friday, November 25, 2011

Put a Little Love in Your Heart


Delicious kosher Biscotti, Candies, Croissants, Borekas, Sandwiches, Italian Pizza & Specialty Cakes (like this Cinnamon Apple Heart Swan Cake) are waiting for you when you visit Jewish Venice at gam gam goodies, just a few steps from GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant located at the main entrance of the world's oldest Ghetto in Venice, Italy.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Qype it Up!


Thank you for the 5-star review of GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant.

"Excellent Hebrew and Jewish cuisine and nice service. We can absolutely recommend the israeli starters (9,80 €). It’s just a fantastic tour of taste with I think about 10 or more different delicious little things to try plus Falafel. Also the fried artichokes are really good! Lemonade and ice tea is home made and also worth to try! In addition to that here are a bit less tourists and you can sit in front of the waterside. Prices are quite normal to low price. If you come by waterbus just hop off the boat at “Guglie”, head just a few meters to the right and enjoy the wonderful food :) Just want something cheap on the go: ask for the GAM-GAM take away just around the corner with fantastic pizza and little things filled with sweet or savoury (vegetables) stuff."

Saturday, October 29, 2011

At GAM GAM, We Truly Love Our Guests


Thank you Yari for the wonderful write up  & thank you to all those who left the fantastic comments about GAM GAM.  I will also look into some vegan desserts.  Hope to see you all back soon.  Reservations not required, but recommended: 041 523 1495.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Spend 36 Hours in Venice


Just googling around and found a very interesting article:

Experience Plus! Tour Leader, Sara V. shares her secrets on how to get the most out of 36 hours in Venice. Right along with visiting S. Marco, the Tower, Rialto & the Rialto Market, Murano & Burano, check out Sara's choice for the one lunch in Venice:

"Continue your walk through the neighborhood of Cannaregio from Ponte delle Guglie.  Head under the Sottoportego del Ghetto Vecchio (see if you can find the marks on the wall caused by the rings that were a part of the gates that were closed after dark when the Jewish population was required to stay inside the Ghetto).  Depending on your timing, if it’s lunch time you could try the only restaurant serving kosher food in Venice called GAM GAM."

Thank's Sara! You gotta love that! I hope I get to meet her someday so I can take her to lunch;)

Italian Word of the   Day   Post: Buonissimo  =  Very Good

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simply the Best


"Best Kosher restaurant we found on our travels to Rome, Milan and Florence"

Turn your hotel in Venice into a kosher hotel or kosher apartment with GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant convenient hotel delivery.  Kosher food delivered to your hotel with waiter service or double-wrapped to be heated in any oven.  Click the link & check out our menu, then email or call (39) 041-523-1495.

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Italian Word of the   Day    Post :  How much? = Quanto?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kosher Catering - Purim Style


An enormous thanks to all those who came from near & far to join in the fun*for*all*ages amazing time at Chabad of Venice's Purim Extravaganza!  Megilla readings every hour, games & prizes, gondola rides for the children, a 20-foot clown on stilts making balloons, L'Chaims & of course, incredible catering from GAM GAM & gam gam goodies .  An array of Italian and Jewish antipasti, falafel, hamentashen and other delicacies were in abundance satisfying the palates of the hundreds that came out for the big bash .  A Purim experience not to have been missed .

Italian Word of the   Day  Post:  Venice = Venezia

Get Your Gondola On !



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shabbat in Venice


You are more than welcome to join us for all the Shabbat meals. We offer two wonderful options:

Option 1: "Shabbat at GAM GAM" -
Our world known Shabbat program at GAM GAM, (located at the main entrance to the Jewish Ghetto by the Guglie Bridge), is an incredible experience to cherish with people from all over the world. There is food and fun for everyone, with complete Shabbat meals with all the trimmings. Chabad of Venice shares with you a Shabbat that is abundant, well-organized and where each person is made to feel personally taken care of.

We have a policy not to charge for Shabbat meals, but we strongly encourage you to make a contribution to our work, as your donations are our Only source of support for Shabbat/Holiday hospitality, as well as our other programs which serve 300,000 Jews from around the world annually. May Hashem bless you 1000-fold in return. Donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

Suggested Donation (but of course more is welcome)-
Adult €36
Young Child/Student €18
Honor someone you love with a sponsorship

180     360     540   720   1000 or any other amount

Donations can be made by clicking the link below, mailed to the address that follows, or put in the tzedakah box at GAM GAM.

Option 2: "Shabbat in the Gallery" -
You may choose to celebrate Shabbat with Chabad of Venice in a more intimate setting at the Ghetto's new gallery of internationally acclaimed artist, Michal Meron, featuring Jewish pieces by Israeli artists. At your private table, you will experience how GAM GAM has redefined kosher cuisine, through presentation and taste with the finest ingredients. GAM GAM's "Shabbat in the Gallery" requires reservations, as space is limited. (Children under 12 are always half-price). The "Shabbat in the Gallery" menu is as follows:

Shabbat Dinner €35.00
An Assortment of our Specialty Salads
Salmon in Haraimi Sauce
Baked Chicken
A Meat Dish (meatballs, goulash etc...)
Side Dishes (Rice, Vegetables, Roasted Potatoes)
Wine for Kiddush
Water and Soft Drinks
Coffee, Tea and Dessert
Wine or Alcoholic Drinks (Extra)

Shabbat Lunch €30.00
An Assortment of our Specialty Salads
Salmon in Lemon Sauce
Classic Cholent
Mini Shnitzel
Side Dishes (Rice, Vegetables, Kugel)
Wine for Kiddush
Water and Soft Drinks
Coffee, Tea and Dessert
Wine or Alcoholic Drinks (Extra)

Seuda Shelishit €18.00
La Tavola Fredda (a cold meal)
An Assortment of our Specialty Salads
Assorted Vegetables
Wine for Kiddush
Water and Soft Drinks
Coffee, Tea and Dessert
Wine or Alcoholic Drinks (Extra)

**Special Offer - All three meals: €75.00

Your donations are our ONLY source of support, and are tax-deductible in the U.S.A.

To donate by Credit Card:

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Chabad of Venice
1122 Ghetto Vecchio
30121 Venice, Italy

Italian Word of the  Day  Post :  Kiddush Wine = Vino per Kiddush

Friday, February 4, 2011

Counting Down the Days!


In Jewish Venice, we really count down the days each week until Shabbat.  And for good reason!  Come find out why, by joining us for Shabbat in the world's oldest ghetto & create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Italian Word of the  Day  Post :  Flowers = Fiori

See you soon!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Almost Party Time


Come for the Ultimate Purim Experience in Venice.........Kosher fun, Kosher food, & Kosher L'Chaims.  It doesn't get any better than that.

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Italian Word of the  Day  Post :  Hamentaschen = Orecchie di Haman

The End is Wedged in the Beginning


You asked for it, so here it is..............the official 'Kosher in Venice' blog, a perfect place to keep your great Venice memories vivid by following up on what is new & exciting in the Ghetto of the world's most wondrous city.  By the way, the weather is gorgeous, so pick a date & get back over here already.

Italian Word of the  Day  Post :  Hope = Speranza