Friday, January 20, 2012

PB & J Shachar's Way


Tell 'em to take a number, because they'll be waiting in line for these.  A new spin on a traditional favorite, this is peanut butter and jelly with a healthier twist.  Use your favorite natural peanut butter and pair it with your choice of marmalade, and settle them in between two slices of millet instead of white bread.  Packed with protein, this was a natural combination with millet's slightly nutty flavor.

I had to give up my piece to a wide-open eyed child who scooped it right up.  Healthy, Delicious, that's the way to go, or in the words of the wide-open eyed child:  "yummissimo, buonissimo, funissimo!"  Can't beat that.

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Click it up    Yummissimo

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