Friday, February 3, 2012

Add Some Heat to Your Winter


On a cold Shabbos night, add some heat to your seuda by serving Morrocan fish.  Many prepare this dish with Tilapia, but my hubby loves it with Salmon.  In addition to the benefit of Omega-3's, salmon also has been found to help with inflammation of the digestive tract & joints, as well as osteoporosis, via a protein called calcitonin.  Read it up.

 "Eish katan, harbeh zman," is what I always say (low flame, a lot of time).  
Stick with the fresh stuff and your seasonings will blow them away on taste.

If you are in Venice, or will be in the future, come join us for Shabbos at GAM GAM any weekend of the year.  We LOVE having guests.  Stay warm & healthy and have a wonderful Shabbos everyone!

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